Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa checked his list.

We are leaving in the morning to go to my parents house (the house I grew up in) for Christmas. Coan is at the age where he understands what Santa Claus is and wrote (dictated) him a letter in detail about the things he wants. He wants a "Superman toy with a remote control that makes him fly", and a "Speed McQueen movie", and a "Diego Toy". No problem. Santa gave us the inside scoop (internet) on finding the Superman toy.

Julia is too young to understand about Santa and just goes with the flow. She smiles at everything that is said to her. You could say, "That's a really big green booger in your nose!" and she would smile...until you break out a tissue to wrangle it off of her face. She could care less what Santa brings her as long as she can smile at everybody without having to fight of the Kleenex Patrol.

My niece (who shares the same birthday as Julia) will be there and will be so excited that Julia is now walking. And talking. And be the cutest, sweetest thing since...well, nothing really. She's in a class of her own.

It will be a fun gathering of family with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, mommies and daddies, sons and daughters, and a sweet pup named Lucy.

When we come home on Christmas Day, we will be greeted by more grandparents and Antamanna to enjoy more time with family. The kids should be good and worn out by the time New Year's Day rolls around!

Thank God for family.

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