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Adios 2006!

Here is a recap of 2006 at Casa de Grayson!

In January, Julia was born. Life will never be the same. She has grown so fast in the last year.

Copy of DSC_9330


Also in January, 11 days after Julia was born, we had to put Cohiba down. She was getting crazier by the week and finally bit Coan on the hand. No blood from the bite on him, but Maddie required two staples in her neck a week later from one of her attacks. She may have been a little off-kilter but was sweet when she wasn't in 80 pound attack mode. Unfortunately, I think the abuse she suffered in her first 6 months of life (before we rescued her) scarred her forever. Here she is getting one last run around the yard with Maddie about an hour before I took her to the vet.

DSC_9312 (Medium)

Those two pups were together for 10 years. R.I.P. Cohiba. Maddie found new friends, Tigger and Woof Woof. They are stuffed and do not attack her, so she's happy now.


I picked up writing by joining the blogosphere and Quirkee. There are big plans in the works for the future of Quirkee and I'm really excited about being a part of the team. Tell your friends and have them tell their friends about the site. They will thank you.

We got a big kid swing for the tree in the front yard. Coan didn't fit in the little one anymore and now he can go REALLY HIGH! Julia got a new baby car swing that we switch out.

DSC_5912 (2)

With all that was going on this year we still made time to stop and smell the flowers...

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and play with cows...

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In April we went up to Nana & Papa's house to meet up with my sister's family and ride with Thomas the Tank Engine! Coan was a little aprehensive at first...



DSC_0689 (Small)

but boarded the train (not by choice) anyway. He soon warmed up to the idea of riding a train and proudly showed off his ticket!


Sometime at the beginning of May we lost another pet. Lula the cat disappeared one day and never came back. In 14 1/2 years she never wandered farther than a couple of houses away. We think she left us for greener pastures (aka Kitty Heaven). R.I.P. Mama Kitty.


In June we had a family reunion in Fredricksburg, TX, at a 300 acre ranch. The owners turned the old houses and buildings into cabins. They have pet deer, turkeys, a peacock, cows, and about a dozen elk like this one...


Here is Coan doing his best elk impersonation...


July was his 3rd birthday and what fun it is having a 3 year-old! Really, I mean it. Okay, most of the time it's fun. He now challenges our patience and I'm sure it has something to do with karma. Coan has learned how to be independent by using the potty, changing his clothes, bathing, and more. He is a sweet and loving brother to his baby sister...until she jumps on him while he's watching Curious George.

July was also the month that Julia was baptized by her Crawdaddy. She looked beautiful in her little dress...

dsc_3695 (2)

She is walking now and can communicate with her hands and voice. Mostly her voice. Screaming loud means she's frustrated. Screaming louder means she's hungry. Screaming even louder means that Coan took a toy from her. Julia is also very good at laughing and loves to play chase around the house with her brother. We capped off the summer with our first baseball game at the Dell Diamond - home of the Round Rock Express...


The fall brought on cooler weather, my 34th birthday, our first trip to the pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving in Tyler, and the completion of another semester of graduate school for Stephanie. She continues to prove she is the smartest one in the house by making all A' FINANCE CLASSES! One more year to go and she'll be done! I know she's ready to have some free time.



We ended the year with a trip to Nana & Papa's house for Christmas, a trip back home on Christmas Day to celebrate here, and a trip up to north Austin for a New Year's Eve party with friends. December was the busiest month of all 2006!


DSC_7809 (2)

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There you have it. 2006 was a great year! 2007 can only be better and you can read all about it right here.

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Great recap! And you have such darling children!