Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Break Journal: Then and Now


Boy this is going to be fun! We get a whole week off from school with no homework! I can’t wait to play at the creek all day, watch TV, eat a bunch of junk, and drive my parents crazy!


What a blast this will be going to church camp again for Spring Break! I’ll get a whole week of seeing my friends that I haven’t seen in a year! I wonder if that cute girl Madeline will be there. I think we could really spend the rest of our lives together. She knows how much of a dork I am and doesn’t care! I hope she likes this poem I wrote for her. I’m so glad I don’t have braces this year. Maybe we can make out.


This Mission Trip with the Young Life group is going to be a really neat experience. We get to tear down some walls, sand some hardwood floors, paint, and grow closer to our friends. The work we are doing for the poor is very important. This will be my last high school Spring Break. Good times.

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