Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OK, I'll Gloat a Little

I wasn't going to gloat about the Cowboys beating da Bears, but it was expected on my friend's blog so I will.

Woo-hoo! The first half of the game had me worried but the Cowboys dominated da Bears in the second half! The defense was picking off Rex Grossman left and right! Tony Romo had his way with da Bears secondary coverage, too, and put the ball in the hands of seven different receivers with T.O and Jason Witten as his favorite targets once again. Dallas is now the team to beat in the NFC. Super Bowl here we come!

I hope I didn't just jinx it.


Patrick said...

I'm already looking forward to the Cowboys-Patriots game in 3 weeks. Bring on Brady and Moss!

Whit said...

We're on a collision course!

Quirkee James said...

See you at the Super Bowl, Whit! Cowboys vs. Steelers!

Ems said...

The Cowboys? Super Bowl? Is that a Bowling Team?

~laughs while ducking and running~

Anonymous said...

now I suppose I should join in here and spout off what I know about fooseball, but I was taught from an early age that women should be seen and not heard