Tuesday, June 13, 2006

it was hot outside!

Summer is here, I know. But does it have to be 100 degrees already? We've been doing lots of swimming in the whale pool lately. Coan loves to throw water out of the pool. On this day it was the shovel he used.

That's when Crawdaddy gave him the over-the-glasses-raised-eyebrow-not-while-I'm-holding-your-sister, look...

You see, the day before, Coan and the neighbor's kids were using the buckets and throwing water on each other and their Mommy. Crawdaddy was relaxing in the hammock watching the fun game when Coan snuck up on him and doused him pretty good! Unfortunately, I didn't get the picture as I was inside unloading the goods from the grocery store. Crawdaddy was a good sport and I think enjoyed the cooling off from the heat!

It's hot days like these that make me wish I could fit in that whale pool.

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Mrs. Fantasy said...

How is your grass so freakin' green in this 100+ heat? Is it b/c Coan is dumping the contents of his pool all over? My baby swims in his b-day suit in the front yard with his buddy, who is also bare-assed. My neighbors won't talk to me. Perhaps this is why. Keep writing!