Thursday, October 05, 2006

my calendar said...

it was Thursday again! Yipeeeee!

“Hello lion in the African sun. Tickling your mane is really fun!”

Cute, huh? That’s one of the songs I hear daily coming from the many toys around the house. This particular line is from a Leap Frog soft rolling animal block that sings a different line on each side. Sometimes I think I’m going to go toy nutty and take the batteries out of everything in the house. That would be pretty mean, though, as the kids really enjoy this stuff. Instead of unplugging and silencing their little world from these songs and sounds, I’ve decided to make up my own words to keep me sane.

“Hello lion in the African sun. When my baby outgrows you, I’m going to smash you with a hammer!”


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Here is another quirky photo for your Quirkee Thursday! This silver cowboy was at The Old Pecan Street Festival in downtown Austin last weekend handing out beads for donations. Strange fellow.

Silver Cowboy

He was conveniently standing by the ATM in case you ran out of money by following this girl around for too long...

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