Friday, November 09, 2007

Thoughts from my Desk: 11/09/2007

My son has a messed up internal alarm clock this week. Normally I have to go in and poke on him to get him out of bed in time to get dressed, eat breakfast, and brush his teeth before we have to leave for school. Wednesday morning he awoke at 4:45 am, Thursday it was 4:46 am, and today it was 4:44 am. At least he's consistent.


Did you know Wonder Pets like celery tacos? They do.


Time for me to throw some love around. There is a new social networking site that is still in beta but will be going public soon. You may have seen the cre8Buzz ant on my blog with my ranking on it. I'm in 2nd place behind a well deserved front runner, Joeprah. That guy is hilarious. But it's not really a contest over at cre8Buzz, it's just a cool place for you to create a page, promote your blogs and sites, and discover other ones that you may have been missing in the vortex of the Web. The guys over at cre8Buzz started the site to bring writers, bloggers, cartoonists, hobbyists, photographers, and others together in a community. I still have invites to join if you don't want to wait until they open the doors to the general public. Leave a comment if interested in jumping in the Buzz.


Canon is giving away a sweet gear package for their Photography in the Parks Photo Contest. A fellow forum member on a site I frequent these days is one of the finalists with this awesome photo of a salamander -

Salamander Silhouette

Stop on over to check out the other finalists and vote! The other photos are great, too, but that salamander rocks! Click that photo or the link above it to get there. You can also see more of Scott's awesome work by clicking on his name above.


I'm going deer hunting for the first time today and tomorrow. My neighbor and I are heading out to the Hill Country to their family ranch. I should be able to get some clean shots in around sunset and sunrise - with my Nikon. I'm not much of gun hunter so I'll leave the killing to him and target shoot with my 18-200mm lens while enjoying some cold brews. I haven't had a night without the kids in a long time. Should be nice and quiet (between gunshots) out there!


Mr Big Dubya said...

I'd love to join another blog promotion site if you wouldn't mind sending me an invite. Thanks

mrbigdubya at gmail dot com

Dana said...

Oooh, beer and a camera? Living a little dangerously these days, aren't you?

Quirkee James said...

I know! I live on the edge! I'll probably have to use auto focus and a tripod after the first couple of beers. :)

BillG said...

So - you're the designated drinker!

Zoe's Dad said...

My kids love Wonderpets. Begged me for some celery and after one bite said, "Umm, here, Dad. You can have this." At least they tried it.

Good luck shooting Bambi. I had a heard sneak up on me once. I'm not much of a hunter either.

Avery Gray said...

Hunting? Sounds like good times!

And I agree about the Buzz. It is a great place to meet other people. Hey, I met you there!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that kids choose to be consistent in the very, very early hours of the morning?

The picture of the salamander is way cool.

And I come from a deer hunting family, but it never occurred to me to use that as an excuse for some peace and quiet. Gonna tell my hubby that I plan to start hunting. Good luck with your pics! :o)

Anonymous said...

I don't really have anything to say, other than I am at cre8buzz but I have neglected it