Friday, May 12, 2006

another week had gone by...

and I'm finally getting around to writing about it! Last Saturday was the carnival at Coan's school. Lots of games, great hotdogs, and a petting zoo! He didn't much care for the games or hotdogs, but kept wanting to go back and see the animals. I didn't take any good pictures, so if you have ever been to a preschool carnival or a petting zoo you can close your eyes right now and think about it.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

No hurry, my kids are sleeping.

OK, wake up! Did it take you back to your childhood? Me either. The only thing I remember about preschool was a kid named Jon Pickle. I swear that was his name. I was car-pooling with him one day and when we got to his Mom's car the back windshield was completely shattered. It was still intact where it should be, but cracked from top to bottom. I guess it was the Texas heat. It looked like it was going to cave in at any moment! Needless to say, we rode in the front seat with his Mom. I remember some of the strangest parts of my early childhood, but I'll save the rest for future blogs.

I had a night out with the guys on Monday! Well, just 2 others, Aaron and Patrick. It's nice to hang out with only adults every now and then. Patrick is the one who has the This is Texas Music website. It's a great site where he reviews bands, CD's and books, too. Patrick invited us to go see an acoustic songswap at Antone's. There will probably be a review coming up on his site, but if you can't wait go check out Brandon Rhyder. Look for the song called "Freeze Frame Time". It is about his little boy and it's a really good tune.

Julia has taken her first ride in the Big Swing out front! She loves it.

She has started to roll around a lot! If you put her on her back she rolls to her belly. If you put her on her belly she looks around for awhile and then tries to roll over to her back. Sometimes she makes it and sometimes she gets stuck halfway lying on her arm. This brings about the high-pitched squeek like a cat has been stepped on.

Speaking of cats, has anybody seen Lula?

She's been gone since Monday night. We've already lost one dog and 5 fishes this year. Hopefully she's still alive out there somewhere. In the last 14 years she never went more than 2 houses away so we are thinking she's left us for greener pastures. Maybe she went to some house with no kids, no dog, no extra cat, and 3 fish.

Yep, we got 2 new fishes!

One is a Black Moor and the other is an ornamental goldfish with stripes that I forgot the name of. We've had them for about 2 weeks now, but I wanted to wait to write about them until they looked like they were going to live. Coan decided to name them Tiger and Lefty (Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson). OK, it was my idea, but he liked it!

That's all for now. I'll let you get back to your productive days.

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