Friday, May 05, 2006

I needed to write about something...

so you all wouldn't lose interest. Well, there's not really much to write about this week. I don't think it's writer's block, I'm just sure poopy diapers are not what anybody cares to read about. That's what most of my day is like right now. Little poopy diapers from her and BIG poopy diapers from him! Ok, I've used the word poopy enough for today.

Most of the day Julia sleeps, eats, smiles a lot, and laughs at her big brother being goofy. I didn't think it was possible for her to be more beautiful, but every time she smiles I stand corrected.

Mama and baby girl went to Tyler last weekend for her cousin's wedding shower and bachelorette festivities. Coan and I stayed here for a "Guy's Golfing Weekend". The Champions Tour was in town for the FedEx Kinko's Classic. Our Saturday went like this:

7:00 am: Coan wakes me up with his putter and bucket of golf balls in hand.
7:15 am: "Daddy, can I go downstairs and putt? Get up! C'mon, it'll be fun!"
8:00 am: Waffles have finally been consumed during breaks from putting.
8:30 am: Still putting and watching Golf Channel infomercials.
9:30 am: Still putting, but he's now dressed and ready to go to the driving range!
10:30am: Whacking golf balls with big swings
11:00am: Putting on the practice green
11:30am: We arrive at the tournament! He's excited to see the "real" golfers.
12:45pm: Still putting, this time at the home practice green demo tent.
1:45 pm: Coan starts to fade (not his swing) after we found a hat and shirt.
2:00 pm: We walk back to our friend's house. He falls asleep in my lap on the couch.
3:15 pm: In the car heading home to have guacamole, chips & queso!!
3:45 pm: Still putting. He's addicted.
4:00 pm: Out back with his clubs practicing and not leaving too many divots. This goes on for the rest of the day. Inside putt, outside big swings. The FedEx Kinko's Classic is, of course, on TV the whole time.
8:30 pm: After convincing him that he can putt more after his bath he takes a break.
8:35 pm: The bucket of balls take a bath, too.
9:00 pm: He's putting up and down the hall wearing nothing but his new golf hat.
9:30 pm: Coan, his putter, and the bucket of balls go to bed.

That is how our Saturday went. 14 hours of golf in some form or another. The way he's going he'll be the next Tiger Woods! I can't complain, though, as I can think of many worse ways to spend a day.

I guess I did have something to write about after all. Soon I'll be able to tell you more about Julia's days, when they consist of things other than just eating, sleeping, pooping, and smiling.

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