Tuesday, May 23, 2006

my hometown Mavs...


This day has been eagerly anticipated for many years. When I was a kid I went to a few Mavericks games that always ended with a sigh. They stunk for a long time. It's a good thing I'm not a sore loser. I know too many San Antonio Spurs fans and they love to rub it in year after year after year...

Well, not this year chumps! For once I don't owe anybody a six-pack of beer on this series.

Go Mavs!

We all went to Tyler, Texas last weekend for a family wedding. It was a great time! They had their wedding and reception by the new pool in their 1.5 acre backyard. That yard was so big that Coan could hit his real golf balls instead of the plastic ones!

Nothing says "Welcome to our party!" like a boat full of sodas and suds:

Yep, that's a camouflage duck hunting boat. It's loaded up with ice, beer, sodas, and a couple of kegs standing guard. I'm trying to imagine how that would work at our house. I think I need to locate a canoe for our next party. The wedding was fun and the reception sounded like it lasted way after midnight when I turned into a pumpkin.

While we were there Coan got to play his first round of golf! Only 9 holes, but he made it with only one meltdown next to the 7th green. He wanted to tee up his ball and whack it at the pin. We finally had other golfers playing up on us so I told him to get up there and putt so we could get moving. That wasn't part of Coan's plan and he decided to let the entire front nine hear his displeasure. After that he skipped the 8th hole, then happily two putted on the 9th to end the game with a birdie. He has asked me to talk about his golf day at least 25 times since then, so I told him I would write it down and we could read it as a story. The exciting adventure will appear here soon!

I will be posting some of my favorite photos on the right side of this blog. You can click on them to view the larger version. The 1st edition of Quirkee.com comes out on June 15th! The Preview Edition is still up for viewing. The column I'm writing will have different stories than the ones here and will change every Thursday. They will be archived there in case you miss one.

Until next time...

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