Sunday, August 13, 2006

they built it...

and we finally the Dell Diamond for a Round Rock Express baseball game! It was the first live ballgame for the kids and our first trip out to see the Express play. Mommy's company had their annual summer picnic there, decked out with hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies, sodas, beer, margaritas, and a game to cap it off! It was a bit toasty in right field as the sun was beating down with it's full on 101 degree heat, but we brought our gloves in case a foul ball decided to head our way. I also brought the camera with my new lens to test out.

Coan and the man in the row ahead of us had a different opinion on where that ball went.

The Express ballpark is a great place for a family outing. They are the AAA league farm team for the Houston Astros and are partially owned by Nolan Ryan and son, Reed. Last night was Nolan Ryan bobblehead night. Oh yeah, we got one. Behind the outfield there is a swimming pool, several playgrounds, and a rock climbing wall! We'll be climbing that one day soon.

Also for entertainment was the mascot that Coan named "Baseball Dog". Yes, he's doing the Chicken Dance. As you can see from the crowd, nobody wanted to do it with him.

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