Wednesday, August 02, 2006

in a backyard close, close to home...

we discovered a new use for the Sand and Water Table. Nothing beats a Sand and Water Table except...a Sand and Monster Truck Track Table!

That side is normally saved for water, boats, and a little bridge (now CRUSHED by a monster truck!) This seemed like a good alternate use of an existing toy. Plus, all the trucks finally got dirty like good monster trucks do!

The little sister, of course, just sits back and takes it all in. She is constantly watching his every move, sometimes laughing and sometimes saying...

"Psst, Daddy. That brother of mine sure is a goofball."

The collection of trucks continues to grow. I found out from the Monster Jam website that there are about 45 trucks in the series. I think they keep adding more because Hot Wheels discovered I am not going to stop buying them until I have them ALL! I mean, Coan has them all. He's a good kid and has been doing a great job on the potty, so I think he deserves them. We're going to start making him work for them in other ways now, like doing the cooking, cleaning, washing the cars, mowing the yard, painting the rest of the house, etc. There is no free ride in this family!

That sounds funnier the more I say it

His newest monster truck from today is by far the coolest. It's a '57 Chevy and it just happens to have his name on it. What are the odds of that? Apparently he owns Coan Racing, a racing transmissions and converters business that supplies this truck. So...why am I buying these toys? He's really going to have to start pulling his weight around here.

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