Tuesday, July 25, 2006

there was a rhyme called...

A Poem for Silence

I am sitting down to start writing a column
When I realize the house is nice and quiet
No screaming, crying, fussing or whining
Only the hum of the A/C unit

No sounds of monster trucks or videos
No baby rattles or little fartos
Sometimes the silence is maddening
“Am I typing too loud?” I’m wondering.

It only takes that one dog bark
To break the silent hour
I swear if another train goes by
My moment of peace will go sour

I check to see if the phone is turned off
No calls will awaken my angels
If you really need to talk to me
Send me some quiet emails

I usually get work done when they nap
Some days I just can’t do it
Enjoying the stillness of the house
Makes it very hard to commit

I guess I had better stop typing now
And make good use of this time
Like start some laundry, then take my own nap
Instead of writing this silly rhyme.

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