Monday, July 17, 2006

a Monster Truck Rally came to our house!

Gunslinger, Grave Digger, Cremator, Dragon Slayer, Blue Thunder, Wild Thang, Pouncer, and many more go Monster Truckin' around our house all day! How cool is that? Pretty cool I must say. You see, we have spent the last couple of weeks bribing Coan to use the porcelain throne by purchasing the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Series. We put them on the mantle still in the package and when he "drops the kids off at the pool" he gets to open a new one! We started this collection last year and had about 6 of them already. He's now up to 13 and working his way to collect them all. He has a case that they go in that holds 15, but there are at least 25 in the series. I guess we'll have to get another case. If there were 300 monster trucks in the series I would buy them all and 20 cases to put them in...if it meant one less poopy diaper every day. I love the boy, but those diapers were getting messy!

I can't wait until we get the whole series so when he goes to sleep at night I can have them all to myself...

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