Thursday, July 06, 2006

the summer fun continued!

A new edition of is up today! What else do you have better to do than spend half an hour reading it on the company dollar?

It's been a busy couple of weeks around the house. We had Coan's 3rd birthday party and Julia's baptism last weekend. There were 2 kiddie pools and a slip 'n slide in the front yard all day Saturday.

There were also four men with chainsaws trimming the trees in the neighbor's front yard 20 feet away. I guess it could have rained and that would have been worse. Where do you put 18 kids and 20+ adults for a birthday party if it rains? Back to their houses, I guess. I'm sure we could jam them all inside for cake and stuff, but the decibel level would have been comparable to the chainsaws outside!

Everything ended up working fine and the kids enjoyed watching the guys scramble around the roof next door and monkey their way through the trees. They probably thought it was part of the party, like a hiring a chainsaw acrobat team but for free!

On Sunday, Crawdaddy performed Julia's baptism at our church. She looked beautiful in her little dress.

Coan decided that he was only good for one shot and bailed out of my arms before the next photo. I'll have to Photoshop his eyes open or something. If you look closely at the first shot you can see how he was already planning his escape from my clutches. In this cropped photo you can see where his left hand is pulling on the collar of my shirt...

In the following cropped shot you can see how that was a distraction for his next move: right foot to crotch...

That's my boy! I wish I could say I taught him that move, but it's been years since my skinny butt had to fight dirty like that.

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