Monday, July 10, 2006

there was "Daddy Dressed Me Funny" day

Fathers are notorious for not being able to dress their kids very well. Not me! Julia has so many cute little matching outfits that are paired together on hangers in her closet that it makes it almost impossible to dress her funny. Well, since she won't let me dress her forever and neither will her Mommy, I've decided to have a "Daddy Dressed Me Funny" day about once a week. Sometimes it's good to throw a wrench into the system of matching clothing and let the creative juices flow. I couldn't resist putting her in the Dallas Cowboys onesie again before she outgrows it. I also came across these socks with a bunny and a kitty rattle on them that were hiding at the bottom of her sock container. Hmm, I think I wasn't supposed to find those. I topped her off with a Gilligan hat to keep her cool and safe from the sun. Now I need to go find a busy public place to show her off. The park? Mommy will be so proud. Let's go!


Mrs. Fantasy said...

What do you mean they were buried? I gave her those silly sock-with-rattle thingies! They look awesome with her "Keepin' It Weird" ensemble. Thanks for showcasing them!

A Texas Dad said...

Oops! Did I say buried? I meant right on top of the 50 other pairs of socks. I think she's only worn 3 of them.