Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here Comes The Rain, Sun, and Bugs

I love it when the weather gets warmer and the days last longer. The grass grows nice and thick from the rain; the windows and doors can be open to enjoy the breeze. At our house an open door is an open invitation to any flying insect to help itself to the luxuries of cable TV, fresh fruit, and the warmth of a glowing light bulb at night. With the kids constantly going in and out of the back door - bees, flies, junebugs, and others are helping themselves to our house. I have spent the majority of the last few summers catching flies in my bare hands (yes, like Daniel-san) and tossing them down the kitchen sink with the disposal on. It is a "dispose all", right? With the exception of some previous clogged pasta, sweet potato peels, and salmon pate incidents, I like to think it should live up to it's name. It's not called a "dispose most" now is it?

I usually preface the squirmy fly's demise by saying, "Take that you pesky fly! No more fresh fruit (or trash can delicacies) for you!" This year I've decided to go the more humane route on ridding the indoors of flying nuisances. I hung two strips of fly paper on either side of the back door. Stephanie thinks this is one of the most disgusting things she has ever seen (hello? afterbirth anyone?), but I kind of like them. Not only does it stop them from coming in the house but you can stand there and watch them squirm while trying to free themselves. These are chemical free papers so they don't suffer - they just starve to death. Pretty soon a spider will build it's nightly web around them and go to town on the fly paper buffet. Granted, a few flying things still manage to make their way inside. Those suckers still get the one-two punch on the way to the sink.

By the way, in case you were wondering what that beautiful sunset photo is of, that's the flypaper. A true piece of art that you, too, can pick up at the store for $.25/each.

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