Thursday, April 19, 2007

Minimalist Décor vs. The Children

When my wife and I first met in our early twenties we both lived a minimalist décor lifestyle. This was not necessarily by choice, however, but mostly because we were broke and moved around the city to different rental properties. Lugging around a bunch of stuff every year was not something we wanted to do while paying daily rates for a U-Haul. As the years passed we began to amass extra stuff and our small rental units became a little more cluttered.

Six years ago we finally bought a house and it was twice as big as any place we had ever lived. Again, not by choice, but by the simple fact that our house was bigger than our collection of furniture, kitchen accoutrements, art, lamps, etc., we were once again living with a minimalist décor. Our house was open and inviting, free of clutter, and comfortable for guests when they entered the front door to one of our many parties and backyard bar-b-ques.

Then came the children.

Find out if we decided to keep the children by clicking...

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Mrs. Fantasy said...

Wait. Did you just use the words "accoutrements" and "décor" with an accent mark over the e? I'm getting worried about you.

-Mrs. F

Daddy-O said...

I even know what a duvet is! Scary, isn't it.

I also got complimented yesterday for actually putting a matching bow in Baby Girl's hair. Shocker! The daddy sees in color!