Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thoughts from my Desk: 10/17/2007

It's been kind of quiet on the blog front this last week. I was preparing myself for a big trip to the dentist on Monday by staying up late pondering the future of my mouth with cold beverages and cancer sticks (sorry Mom & Dad, but I smoked again). I am happy to say that as of Sunday night I am tobacco free. I never had a hard time quitting, no real urges to smoke, but it was always easy to start again with a cigarette here and there when out with friends. When I'm not around cigarettes I don't have the desire for one, but when I am around them I want one. That will be a test of my will. Sometimes I would go 6 months without lighting up a Camel, sometimes I would go a week. For the sake of my overall health and extended length of life, I plan on going forever this time.
Adios, my Turkish Blend friend! :fag:

Another plus to the quitting will be the improvement in my stamina for tennis and running. I almost beat my arch nemesis last weekend even after a night of smoking. I was up 5-2 in the first set, which is a rarity, and up 3-1 in the second. I did lose both sets but put up a fight. I should have closed those sets out but the shots just didn't happen for me. Not having played in 8 months due to knee trouble I think I played better than I have all year. Maybe it was the extra added chemicals in my blood from the Camels. Yea, probably not.

Fall is finally arriving and everybody has their Halloween decorations out. Skeletons hanging from trees, bats in windows, and the real carved pumpkins awaiting their demise at the hands of young pranksters. My son has changed from being Batman for Halloween to Mack the red Power Ranger. He wears his costume around the house every chance he gets. We're hoping it makes it to October 31. My daughter is going to be a pumpkin with a costume on loan from a friend. She took one look at the bumblebee costume when at the store with my wife and said, "No!" which as you all know is one of her favorite words. Thankfully she liked the carved pumpkin with it's cute little hat. She should rake in tons of candy this year and that will be another habit to deal with - CHOCOLATE!

Speaking of chocolate, at the store yesterday I impulse bought a box of my favorite cereal (Count Chocula) and my kids didn't even notice when I put it in the basket or hid it in the pantry. I had a bowl of it this morning but had to wait for the milk to make it a little soggy so the delicious chocolaty crunchiness wouldn't hurt my teeth.


The Holmes said...

Congrats and good luck on quitting smoking. I know it ain't easy, as I did it myself a few years back.

Anonymous said...

the other advantage to not smoking is that you won't stink. Smoking is a very stinky sport, and it also causes unfortunate schmelting accidents and whatnot. I hope you can do this because..just because.

I lit up a camel once, blew that sucker sky high I did, there were guts EVERYWHERE

Quirkee James said...

Thanks Holmes and Doozer. Luckily I haven't been a daily smoker since before my kids were born and didn't smoke around them afterwards. My stinkiness was limited to "nights out" and my habit easier to kick that way. Should be a piece of cake!

Zoe's Dad said...

I phoned my dad to tell him I had stopped smoking. He called me a quitter.

Good luck, man!

Whit said...

I just bought a box of Boo Berry. It's festive.

My oldest is really into Halloween this year. It's taken on a whole new meaning for me (or a meaning I forgot once I discovered girls and parties).

Avery Gray said...

Good luck with that! My hubby has been quitting since 2003. Someday he'll get it right.

Mmmm... Count Chocula!!

Bill Grayson said...

I became a non-smoker at 34. You must be a slow learner since it's going to take you an extra year!

Mishelle said...

I blogged on how much money it costs to smoke. Not to mention it's BAD! I hope you are quit for good. :D