Monday, October 08, 2007

Tony Romo owes Nick Folk dinner...

and a movie.

What should have been a stomping by the Dallas Cowboys on the Buffalo Bills turned out to be just the opposite. Tony Romo was intercepted five times by the Bills, two of which were returned for touchdowns. Then they returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Romo also fumbled the ball once. On paper it should have been a blowout by the Bills, who were underdogs going into the game.

Tony Romo was surely due for a bad game at some point but we all expected it to maybe happen next Sunday against the New England Patriots, not in Buffalo! The Bills defense definitely had Romo's number in the game and read him like an open book. The fans in Buffalo went crazy every time they picked him off and with good reason. The Bills have a bone to pick from the 1990's when the Cowboys dominated them in the Super Bowls.

I wish my son could have stayed up to watch this game. It was an unbelievable comeback mostly thanks to the Cowboys relentless defense and the leg of one happy kicker. Not only did Nick Folk kick the longest field goal of his career (53 yards), but he kicked it twice because of a last second timeout called by the Bills on the first kicked that sailed through the uprights right down the middle.

Then Nick did it again on the same line.

Tony Romo's new best friend should be Nick Folk. If I were Romo, I would take him out to dinner at least once a week for the rest of the season. Actually, if I were Romo I would pick up the dinner check for the whole defense and Nick Folk for the rest of the season. They deserve it for bailing him out of hopefully his worst game ever. The good thing is Romo can learn from this game and not repeat it next Sunday against the undefeated Patriots.

I'm crossing my fingers.


Zoe's Dad said...

I might have to spring for both of them. Somehow, I managed to snag Tony and Nick in my Fantasy Leaque. Word from a disgruntled opponent is that even with 6 turnovers Romo earned me a tidy 51 points.

Whit said...

He should buy me dinner too. He almost killed my fantasy team.