Saturday, April 22, 2006

just last week...

a friend of mine, Scott, told me about his new website. It's called SELF by Self (there's a link over there>) and is for artists of all kinds to submit a self-portrait. It can be in paint, pencil, crayon, photograph, digital format, marker, dirt, blood, or whatever you think makes a good self-portrait. Personally, I would not go for the blood format, but I'm sure someone out there will.

I've been thinking about how to do a self-portrait without looking stupid! I'm sure most of you have taken your own picture before, arm extended holding the camera with one hand and a goofy looking grin on your face. Usually these pictures have another person in them and they almost never come out good. A straight up the nostrils or half of a face missing is a normal shot. I guess I'll use a tripod and have a photo shoot with myself. The thought of that is a little vain and creepy, but it is supposed to be a self-portrait. Having somebody else take the photo would be cheating. Plus, if I open up the windows and put on some good dance music for the shoot, I might be able to freak out my neighbors!

Or I could just use this one from 1979:

I know you are all thinking, "Wow! Why isn't that in a museum somewhere?"

Because it's in a much more important place, Coan's room.

To be fair so is his mamma's.

And you thought mine was good?

It's going to be hard to come up with something better than Crayola Stickboy from 1979, but I'm going to try. I encourage all of you out there with any artistic abilities to do the same. You can go to the website for more information. Maybe you will be famous someday and your self-portrait will hang in a museum!

Or maybe it will hang on a wall in your kid's room.

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