Thursday, April 20, 2006

there was a guy in Texas...

who decided (with the help of his loving wife) that he was going to quit his job, stay home with the kids, and start an eBay business! Well, actually there was only one kid at the time and he's now almost 3 years old. If you've ever been at home with a 3 year old you know how EXCITING it can be! The newest addition to the family is our beautiful I-can't-do-anything-wrong-because-you-are-my-daddy-and-I-have-you-wrapped-around-my-cute-little-piggy girl, Julia. We'll get to her later.

I'm starting this blog after being inspired by a friend's blog. She's a very creative writer and her stories make me laugh. She has a little boy who does some funny stuff. I've always enjoyed writing but have not done any in a LONG time. I thought this would also be a great way to chronicle the past for my kids to read someday, or use it against them if they ever get out of line!

"Hey Coan, remember the time when you ran around with your diaper on your head screaming? Where's that photo I took? I'll bet your girlfriend will love to see it!"

First let's play catch-up on the past. I was always a part time stay-at-home dad. As most of you know, child care costs are through the roof! We decided to put Coan in part time when he was a baby to save money and so I could work half the day. After about a year of that I found out I could replace my part time income selling on eBay and not pay for child care. I had been selling a few things for my neighbors on commission, but realized my time was better well spent selling for myself instead.

It took awhile to get past the feeling that I had somehow robbed my wife of being a stay-at-home mom because my job was not enough to support the family. She told me that I shouldn't feel that way so I got over it eventually. She has a good paying job with good insurance and has now gone back to school for her Master's Degree in business. She was always a much better student than I was. I spent many years taking classes here and there trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I really love photography. I took one class a couple of years ago but postponed the degree work until Stephanie was done with hers. We only had time for one of us to go and I put my bet on her to finish first!

Studying photography is something I've been able to do outside of a classroom. I use my spare time reading and learning about photography, practicing shots with different subjects and lighting, etc. I will admit that most of the time the subjects are my kiddos. I'm a sucker for them and kids are really fun and easy to photograph! I do get to practice many product shots for my eBay business, but there is not much glamour or excitement in that so I'll spare you the details.

I'll post some of my favorite photos along with the blog adventures. Like this one:

This was taken with my Dad's camera out the window of a rental van at a resort in Nevada.

Now that the past is out of the way, let's move on. Where do you start when describing a 3 year-old boy? Well, Coan is very funny, smart, determined, intense, independent, loves sports (mainly golf right now), hates veggies, and plays hard! When I first started staying home with him full time I had doubts about whether or not I should have quit working at the bank. After a few weeks we settled into a routine together and I forgot all about the jobs I used to have. This was going to be the most challenging (and rewarding) job of my life! Once I had been whizzed on, pooped on, barfed on, screamed at in decibels normally saved for fire engines, then smiled at not seconds later, I realized that I was a lucky dad. Poop and all. He is the best son this dad could have and I couldn't be more proud of him...until he steals my car 12 years from now. I've already accepted that this will happen because of the whole "what comes around goes around" theory. It's the truth and I'm ready for it. Besides, if he does steal my car, I'll just show this photo to his friends and he probably wouldn't do it again.

I know it's a minivan, but I look cool in it!

So, that brings us to the beautiful girl, Julia. What can I say? She's absolutely perfect and beautiful like her Mama. Somebody up there has rewarded me with a wonderful family. I better make sure not to screw it up! I'll start by peeking in on Julia to see how her nap is going.

I told you I'm a sucker.


Mrs. Fantasy said...

Hooray! Now I have a keyhole to peek into your world! And when Shorty gets done warshin' that mini van, I've got a Xterra with bird poop all over it that needs some attention. Smooches to all!

sherrylee said...

Ok, I may be biased but that is the most precious boy and the prettiest little girl I've ever seen. Of course they will have some competition very soon so get ready for another he-man or sweetie-pie in the family. Did I give myself away? I love you guys and can't imagine better parents. Just remember there will be a time when you say...What did I do wrong?