Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do You Act Your Age?

Even though you are the grown-up, do you ever find yourself...

cutting your own sandwiches into triangles?

turning on cartoons while the kids are napping?

wishing you could have gotten a sticker at the doctor's office?

opening the Happy Meal toy and playing with it first?

sneaking French fries off your child's plate when they are not looking?

jumping the gun in a race so your four-year old won't beat you?

wanting one of those motorized shopping carts so your kids can push you?

forgetting to cover your mouth when you sneeze, then looking around to make sure nobody noticed?

giving some of your vegetables to the dog so you can have desert, too?

coloring on the children's menus at a restaurant?

cursing the playground builders for making the monkey bars too low?

No? Then either I'm the only one or you are lying!


The Holmes said...

My wife and I always color the children's menus. That may change as little dude takes up more of an interest in coloring. And I always wish the playground equipment was just a little bigger and sturdier. Big kids wanna slide too!

Dana said...

I am so glad I am not the only one that steal french fries from my kids and feeds the veggies to the dog! Actually, I pretty much do all of those things.

Miguelina. said...


So I've stolen a french fry or two in my day. So sue me.

Aunt Jo said...

It is much easier to eat a triangle sandwich in a lady like fashion than oinking on a 12 inch Subway sandwich dontcha think??

Cartoons are still funny, I don't care who you are.

I work in a Dr. office so I get all the stickers I want. :o)

You mean Happy Meals come with food??

I have mastered the FF sneak move. My 7 yr old falls for it every time. heehee!!

I don't race my kids in anything. I would just laugh the whole way and lose.

My kids would push me into something so I don't let them drive the motorized cart.

Recently I coughed and had some excess body fluid fly out of my mouth and thank God it was very early in the morning and no one else was at the gas pump.

I love veggies....well almost all. I hate celery and have yet to find an animal that will eat it either. smart animals!

I love to color with my kids. I don't think I do it near enough either. I have special coloring books that are only MINE.

Wow... monkey bars. What memories of the biggest blisters known to man!

PS I am here from Badoozies place. Love your post. :o)

Emma Sometimes said...

oh, I don't and neither does Mr. Coffee. It keeps you young at heart always!