Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm a Winner!

Words can't describe the feelings rushing through my body! I have been given the equivalent of the Academy Award for bloggers! OK, maybe more like an MTV award since it comes with a guitar and the words "Awesome Dude" attached to it.

YDS of Rattling The Kettle out in Cali was bestowed this ongoing award by another Awesome Dude Blogger and did a caption contest for this photo of a zebra he took at the San Diego Zoo. Apparently my caption was the favorite and I won! Thank you!

The rules of this award say that I now have to pass it on. I liked the contest idea. In the spirit of creativity I will also do a contest! The guidelines of this one are simple. Write a 26 word paragraph (in the comments section of this post) using words starting with each letter of the alphabet in order from A to Z. For example:

"Afterwards, Bob continued doing evil faces. "Good Heavens!" I jumped kicking loudly, making noise on purpose. "Quiet!" Roger screamed, testing unfinished Velcro while x-raying young zebras."

The best one chosen by yours truly wins the Awesome Dude Blogger award. In the event that a "dudette" has the best one I will alter the award. Good luck!


Emma Sometimes said...

Apparently, because creativity does exists, funny ghostwriters have increased, James. Knowing letters may not offer purpose, Quirkee's rewards surely tempt, unless vague words xerically yield zingers.

Emma Sometimes said...

oh, and congrats on your award!!