Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Left The Toilet Seat Up All Weekend

The Little Mr. and I had our 2nd Annual Guy’s Weekend last week while Mama and Little Bit were out of town for their 2nd Annual Girl’s Weekend. Last year for the inaugural event, my son and I went to the FedEx Kinko’s Classic golf tournament. This year we had a whole lot more planned!

Thursday we took it easy and went to one of his favorite joints for dinner and a chocolate milkshake. After dinner we came home and played outside with the neighbors until it got dark. Once he hit the showers and went to bed, it was around 10:00pm. Staying up late is what a guy’s weekend is all about, which is good because when he woke up at 1:00am I was still awake watching poker on television. The poker game at the stay-at-home dad’s forum ended about midnight but I still couldn’t go to sleep. An almost empty house is too quiet. So, Little Mr. crawled into Mama’s side of the bed and we watched poker until 2:00am while he made up new Dr. Seuss stories by reading about the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

my son wants to see the simpsons this weekend, hmmmmmm...will I survive this. AND he wants to go out and shoot airsoft guns but I told him it is not appropriate to do that in the cemetary in broad daylight, we have to wait until dark, I am a good, proper mother

creative-type dad said...

When it's just my daughter and I, we watch poker sometimes too - only if any action movies aren't on.