Thursday, June 14, 2007

At-Home Dad Advantages

Being an at-home parent does have some negatives, albeit small ones compared to the positives. One negative is the lack of adult communication on a daily basis. Sometimes a trip to the grocery store provides a welcome relief by striking up a conversation with a stranger or friendly employee that knows you as a regular.

But the advantages of being an at-home parent far outweigh the negatives for this dad. For example, this week I have been deathly ill with a sinus/cold virus that came with a fever. OK, maybe not "deathly" ill but when you have two toddlers going bonkers around the house because Daddy is too sick to care if they break anything, death feels like a viable option to release the pain that won't go away. Thankfully they didn't break anything. Not even my spirit! The advantage here is that I didn't have to take sick days from work to get better. When they napped, I napped. When they watched a video, I napped. When they played quietly on the floor, I laid on the couch and checked my eyelids for leaks.

Another great advantage of being an at-home parent is getting to watch the US Open all day on Thursday and Friday! If you are not a fan of golf then you could care less about this advantage. Not this dad! It's a great thing when you can watch nine straight hours of golf - two days in a row - and there is not a boss around to make you turn it off.

Since I'm still recovering from the tail-end of this nasty virus, I think I'll head upstairs while Little Bit is napping and catch some of the first round in bed.

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Anonymous said...

If I had to watch the US open ALL day, I would totally be checking my eyelids for holes. So during your deadly illness, did you pick out a casket?