Wednesday, June 27, 2007

That is Just Plane Crazy

With as busy as our lives get we don't travel as often anymore. Vacations are few and far between and when we do travel it is usually by car to visit family. Since the birth of our first child four years ago we have traveled by flying only once when we went to Las Vegas for a family wedding. It was the first time our boy, who was about 18 months old, had been on a plane and like most parents we were a little nervous.

Worried thoughts ran through our heads like, "What if the plane crashes and our whole family dies because we wanted to fly out for a wedding? Should we have left one of us behind so he didn't have to go? Should we have taken separate planes? Who rides with the boy? Are we going to have to buy him a seat or can he sit in our laps? Do you think he will be scared? Maybe he'll just fall asleep. Should we give him some Benadryl? I think his allergies are acting up."

Everything turned out fine and he loved the plane ride. He slept some on the way to Las Vegas and slept most of the way back to Austin. I don't remember him go bonkers and throwing any tantrums. He was able to sit in our laps when the plane was full and got his own seat when room was available next to us. All was well that ended well.

Thank goodness we were able to bring his sippy cup with apple juice in it unlike these unfortunate parents.

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Anonymous said...

It's completely inappropriate to land a plane for some kid throwing a fit. Those parents need to be checked for a developmental disorder. I'm glad your child was good on the plane, you don't want to upset certain people like me, and have them stab you in the line for the little bathroom and heave your body down into the cargo hold ;)