Thursday, June 07, 2007

What did I do?

I think I ticked off the blog traffic counter over on my Statesman blog. I've seen gestures like this in Austin traffic before, but never blog traffic. Geez.

Anyway, on with Quirkee Thursday!

The other day we were driving along in my truck when my wife looked around and said, "Have you just totally given up? This truck is a mess!" It isn't really a mess, just littered with random little toys, preschool art projects that haven't made it inside yet, at least one sippy cup that may have milk in it but I'm too afraid to look, and my wife's gum wrappers that for some reason don't make it into the trash tray.
I used to keep the inside of my cars clean and empty. This was not necessarily because I am a Virgo, but because my dogs would travel in the car with me to the park a lot and would tear things up. I also had a few cars that a lock didn't work on so I kept them clean and empty to keep thieves away.


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Anonymous said...

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