Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hello hello hello, is there anybody out there?

My blog posting kind of fell off the planet in the last week. We had family in town last weekend and I spent most of last week shooting photos. Then Monday came and I started getting sick with the rest of the family. After being horizontal for most of yesterday I have spent some time actually sitting at the computer today. I haven't been able to stimulate my brain enough to write anything this week. That's what happens when I can barely slug down a cup of coffee and go back to bed.

I bought some ZICAM EXTREME Congestion Relief nasal spray the other day "with Soothing Aloe Vera" to unclog my sinuses. I thought since it had aloe vera it would be a pleasant ride into the breathing world again. Soothing? Not really. It was kind of like sniffing a lit match up your nose. The burning sensation must have meant the snot was on fire and melting away because that stuff works. At least for a while anyway.

When my clogged sinuses and foggy head go bye-bye I'll get back on the horse. See you then.

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Emma Sometimes said...

Just don't leave so long your stats give you the finger again. Or maybe it was saying you were #1. Now, wasn't that thoughtful?

I found you on mybloglog. Nice to read you...