Thursday, November 02, 2006

I didn't feel very well...

which is why there is not a Quirkee Thursday post.

Last weekend the whole family started to feel bad. Then Crawdaddy and Mitzi came for her birthday and Halloween festivities and we got them sick. At first I thought it was just allergies, but the clogged sinuses, cough and fever showed up. I spent most of the day yesterday doing nothing but lying on the couch, floor, bed, or wherever I could rest my head and still see the kids. Neither one of my little devils angels would take a nap. Most of the afternoon was full of time outs and me groaning for some backup, but Steph was at work in an all day meeting and team Crawdaddy/Mitzi left at 7:45 AM. At one point I thought I might cry, then realized that if I did that AND watched General Hospital at the same time I would have to do some serious self-evaluation of my mental health.

When I'm sick I'm pretty worthless around the house. I think Coan picked up on that. I eventually threw in the towel on the whole time out situation then retired to the couch and watched him throw baby toys at his sister. They were soft toys and she was laughing, so I let it go. He dumped out the big toy bucket on the kitchen floor and she played in a pile of toys for about an hour. During that time, about 4 of the toys started playing sounds and music at the same time. It sounded like a toy orchestra warming up. It was torture, but I couldn't talk myself into rolling off the couch to go and turn them off. I was saving that energy for any crisis that may occur before Stephanie came home.

I did manage to create a new header for the blog. The leaf and turkey is art Coan made last year at school. He brings home tons of art from school and they sure do make good headers. Pretty soon Julia will be creating her own artful treasures!

Here's that fun pile of toys I was talking about...

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