Thursday, November 23, 2006

there was a turkey day rhyme.

Today is a day when most people travel to spend time with their families, eat lots of food, drink lots of beer or wine, watch football, eat more food, drink more, pass out for a little nap, then wake up and start all over again. Thanksgiving is a day when carnivores eat a big fat juicy bird, vegetarians eat a tofurkey, and picky eater children get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That was me when I was a kid. Here is a little poem for you to share with your family today. Don't worry, it's okay to read this one out loud in front of the kids.

Turkey, Tofurkey, and PB&J

The time of year has come again
To be thankful for the things in our lives
Our sons and daughters, mothers and fathers
Our husbands and our wives

Let’s not forget about the little things
We are thankful for on this day
Like the Dallas Cowboys playing this year
A losing team from Tampa Bay

While sitting around catching up with the family
Talk about life at your child’s preschool
But remember the times that were really funny
Not the times when they broke the golden rule

When your plate is clean and you go back for seconds
Don’t worry about the extra pounds
At this point thirds will be looking real good
Yep, that’s your stomach making those sounds

Take a break and relax on the couch
Your grandpa will already be there
Half asleep but nobody knows how
With all the kids running and screaming in here

If the game is a blowout; your favorite team winning
Go outside for a game of catch
You’ll find your uncles and cousins tossing the football
Getting ready for this year’s rematch

When your meal finally settles and you go back in
Looking for grandma’s chocolate cake
Think about eating the pie instead
Hmmm…maybe later if you are still awake

Another day of thanks will come to an end
As your aunt packs up food from the buffet
Some of the best leftovers to enjoy again later
A little bit of turkey…tofurkey…and PB&J.

Here is a Thanksgiving Day poem from a class at in Waco, TX. My Aunt Nancy opened a charter school in the fall of 1998 and they have been adding grades every year. This poem was from a class in the fall of 2001.

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