Thursday, November 09, 2006

you know the drill...

It's Quirkee Thursday! No quirky photo today, but I'll tell you a quirky story instead.

This week has been full of surprises from our little devil, I mean angel son. We got a call on Monday that he was missing recess on the playground. Apparently at the snack table one of the other kids turned to another and said "I'm going to kill you." So Coan turned to one of the other kids and repeated "I'm going to kill you, too!" That's just great. They are three and four years old! He doesn't even know what that means! But, I guess in this day and age you have to set them straight early on. This is one of those instances when Stephanie says to me, "That's your child."

Another "your child" situation happened this morning when, at the snack table of course, Coan turned to the kid next to him and grabbed his Teddy Graham. He knows not to take food from other people's plates and swiping a Teddy Graham is a major no-no. So, the kid turned and bit his finger. OUCH! I told you Teddy Graham's are special and this kid was out to prove it. There was no blood but Coan cried a little bit. I guess he won't be wahooing food from other kids' plates anymore. I should have told him the crayon story from my days in kindergarten.

Stephanie claims these little troublemaker happenings with Coan only prove that he is my son. I sure hope so. That means they didn't accidentally mix up my sperm in the lab.

Now go on and get you some...

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