Monday, May 28, 2007

In The Newspaper

Some of you reading my blog at this location may not be aware that I have an extension of it at the Austin American Statesman. It is called Daddyshack: The 19th Hole. I started it last month in hopes of gaining new readers and to post some of my previously published articles from Well, I am happy to say that it worked and in just over five weeks I have had more than 10,000 hits! I want to say thanks to all of you readers out there (Thanks!) and I hope I can continue to provide you with entertainment from the land of Daddyshack!

In yesterday's Sunday paper my Grandmother noticed this little tidbit of info about me in the Metro & State section on page two. I'm glad she called me because that newspaper almost went out with the recycling this morning and I would have never known it was there. I always read that page so I'm not sure how I missed it! Here it is.

No, I'm not an escaped inmate. Look underneath that entry. Click to enlarge...


Mrs. Fantasy said...

You rule! What else can I say?

Daddy-O said...

Thanks lady. It's all your fault, you know!