Saturday, May 19, 2007

Macro Photography

Lately I have become very interested in macro photography after spending time reading through Daniel Sroka's website. He makes incredible art out of macro photography using things he finds outdoors on walks like seeds, leaves, acorns, tree bark, etc. He brings them home and discovers the unique character in each of them.

He creates all of this art without any Photoshop techniques, only what he see through the lens. His work is inspiring but I don't have the studio equipment or macro lens yet to create like he does. Since I like manipulating stuff in Photoshop anyway, I thought it would be a fun way to start playing around with macro for now. So I took this photo of a windchime outside our back door...

and cropped that photo into this. I adjusted the levels to hide some pixelation in the black area and lighten up the lighter areas to create more sunshine on the rope. Because of the huge crop factor, this photo probably won't print well above 5x7. With the right lens and lighting it would be printable at poster size or larger.

It's not a Daniel Sroka but it's a start!

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