Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Online Poker Addiction

Now that summer has arrived and all of the shows we usually watch after the kids are asleep have had their season finales, I am finding myself in front of the computer playing poker more often. When I told my wife the other day that I just lost a few grand playing poker online she paused for a second and waited to hear me say that is was pretend money. She asked that from now on I use finger quotes when talking about online poker money so she is clear that I am gambling with "play dough" and not her paycheck.

Last night I entered the poker room with a little over 13,000 in "cash" and after losing about 5,000 "dollars" in one room I left for another. I eventually found a table to my liking and racked up another 10,000 "greenbacks" before calling it a night. Not bad for 50/100 tables.

This, of course, is the exact opposite of how I end up after a "Dad's Night Out" poker game for real money. I usually come home $50 lighter in the wallet and a pound heavier from the beer.

I like my odds better playing online for fake "cabbage."

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