Friday, August 31, 2007

Creepy Crawly Spiders Eat Lots of Bugs

This has been the week of spiders. First, my buddy over at A Man Among Mommies posted a photo he took of an Orb Weaver spider outside his back door. Then a monster 200 yard spider web in Texas was in the news. So I decided to cap off this week of spiders with my own photos. I noticed some webs in the backyard one morning a few weeks ago and the sun was hitting them just right. I lightly sprayed one with water and it glistened in the sun. The spider came out blurry on the second one but the web came out nice.


Mrs. Fantasy said...

Gets me thinkin' about Halloween already. Which gets me thinkin' about cooler weather. Which gets me thinkin' about warmer clothing and boots which gets me thinkin' about buying some boots which reminds me there's a sale I need to get to this weekend. Spider webs = boots. Go figure.

The Holmes said...

Those are cool pictures. I used to work at a camp in the hill country, and at the start of every summer, it was wise to walk the trails slowly since spiders had been busy setting up webs across them. I walked into my share of them, and flailed about like a terrified infant every time.