Monday, August 06, 2007

Quirkee Blogs Update

Hello readers and bloggers, has updated its blog feature. Before you had to be registered user to read the blog pages. Not anymore! Quirkee Blogs are now open for everybody to read! We are talking 10's of 1,000's of readers each month and growing by the second. Kind of like my St. Augustine grass in the months of June and July this summer when we had 30 inches of rain.

You must still be a registered user with Quirkee to publish a blog post, but that only takes a few seconds to do.

Each week we will feature the funniest blog post from the Quirkee community in our new "Featured Blog" section on the Home page along with the staff articles, interviews, and comic strips. You can't get that kind of promotion from any of the major blog publishing sites!

So quit dilly dallying and start blogging!

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Anonymous said...

You've been NAB'D!