Monday, August 27, 2007

Thoughts From My Desk

Today I got a chance to sit at my desk and work on a few things while my son was back in school and my daughter took one of her long morning naps. She only gets those long morning naps when her brother is not around for her to antagonize.

The house was quiet. I turned on the news to what was happening. It was a nice change from Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and SpongeBob SquarePants. What I didn't expect to see was Alberto Gonzales had resigned, Owen Wilson attempted suicide, and an apology from Michael Vick. Wow. What a news hour!


Yesterday at the neighborhood grocery store I noticed Peter Pan peanut butter had finally made it back to the shelves. I survived 30+ years on Peter Pan and we had to switch after the recall earlier this year. We actually had a giant 6lb. tub of it that was part of the recalled numbers, but it was almost gone and we were still alive so I finished it. I'm a daredevil. I was tempted to buy a jar with their "New Look and Taste" label on it. I decided it would be best to finish off the Jif we have as I contemplate my important peanut butter loyalties and where they now lie.


So the morning nap for my daughter was nice. What was bad about the nap is when we picked up my son from pre-k, she did not want to take an afternoon nap. She missed him, I guess. I think she really missed taking his toys away and hitting him with them while swiftly moving through the house dodging furniture like a running back dodging linebackers on Sundays. We went outside for a while in the sweltering Austin sun to throw a boomerang our neighbor let us borrow. My daughter watched in awe as I flew it around our cove. Then she chased her brother around while he threw it.

She's been after him all day and this will be a prime opportunity for an early bedtime. Early for all of us. Good night.

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Whit said...

what's a nap?