Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here it is. The Awesome Dude Blogger Award. Drum roll please........ummm, I said DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

Did anybody bring drums to this party? No? Great. Another "big event" is going unnoticed because someone forgot to order the popcorn, some drums, and a dancing monkey. Oh well, I guess I'll just wing it.

So I had 8 entries for the weirdest word to receive the ADB Award and 7 of them were from a dudette. What is wrong with you guys? Really? Do I have to enter my own contests to make them interesting? Because I will! I'm not scared!

I would really love to give the ADB Award to Ba Doozie since she really is an awesome blogger and had great words, even if they were just crazy made up words like myfeetstinkrightnow, or wannahuckaloogie.

If I'm going to choose a made up word and a "dude blogger," I'm going to have to give the award to The Holmes for throwing out "Eurotrashification."

That's right. I said Eurotrashification. If you know the meaning of this word then you can skip this paragraph where I use it so poetically...

I was leaving this bar the other night when this really strange girl came up to me. As much as I wanted to flirt with her I couldn't. Something was pulling me away. It was a strong force and I was powerless against it's will. I twisted and I turned. I ran and I dove behind a dumpster to hide from the smell emitting from her pores. It was horrible! She finally caught up to me and I said, "Please! Tell me what that stench is! I can't take it anymore!"

She said, "Why, it's called Eurotrashification. It comes in a body spray, bath soaps, and this free perfume that I got with the gift set! So you like it?"

I ran away as fast as my legs could take me.

Without further adieu, I FINALLY give the "Awesome Dude Blogger" Award to The Holmes. Do me proud, fellow Austinite. Make the next winner beat out Eurotrashification!


Anonymous said...

ok, I can see that dude never even showed back up to get his award, what a hooligan....ok fine so my words were made up what is a girl with a fried brain supposed to do?

Whit said...

Have you ever heard the song Eurotrash Girl by Cracker? Most excellent.

Quirkee James said...

Man, you two kids are up late! The Holmes is probably sleeping and will claim his prize after morning coffee.

I want to see Holmes use Eurotrashification in a paragraph, too.

That is a good tune, Whit. Somehow I had never heard it and I love Cracker! Here's a live version I just found:

Rattling The Kettle said...

Finally you do something with this award. I was going to withdraw it soon. ;-)

The Holmes said...

I am most honored good sir! I'm glad you sent the email, I tend to fall behind on my blog reading/commenting duties on the weekends. I'll see what I cans do.

Anonymous said...

I hope holmes knows I was only kidding