Thursday, August 09, 2007


writing another blog post about my Dallas Cowboys...too late.

The first game of the year is on! No matter that it doesn't really count. I'm just happy to see my team back on the tube for the next six months. That's right, I said six months, which means only one other team will see that much action as they meet the Cowboys in the SUPER BOWL!

My Dad and I just made verbal plans (it's a contract!) to meet up for the Super Bowl in Arizona when the Dallas Cowboys go. Of course, the Little Mr. will be there, too!

Hey Whit! Why don't you meet us?

Oh yea, Steelers fan, huh? Sorry.

I promise I won't blog the play by play of every game this season, but do expect more football posts from me. Game is back on, gotta go!


Whit said...

Talk about them while you can. You'll have to be quiet a few weeks into the season!

Quirkee James said...

Not this year, my friend! All the pieces are in place. Maybe we'll see
your Steelers in the Super Bowl. I"m a Big Ben fan. Great guy. The Steelers can kiss my ass, though! ;)

anthony said...

Let it be known there are rumblings of whit and I going to the superbowl no matter what. How about the dude version of blogher that keeps getting kicked around. Vegas, good idea, but THE SUPER BOWL? Perfect idea!

Patrick said...

I know it's only the first game of the preseason, but damn they looked good last night.

Emma Sometimes said...

How about those Bears? Does Joe Namath still play for the Rams? I've been a little out of the loop.

~ducks and runs for cover~